TDD-15.12.22- Bristol-1-2

After another busy year for The Dead Daisies, it was Bristol where the end of year Christmas party would be celebrated to full effect! The band were loaded with energy and raring to hit the stage knowing it was the last night of the tour. Bristol, like the rest of the UK, was caught in an icy cold grip, which the Daisies were about to heat up in blistering fashion!

As the intro music ended and the guitar riffs started, Glenn came bouncing onto the stage with a swagger in his steps before launching into ‘Long Way To Go’! There was an extra vigour and sparkle in the performance tonight that you would have only caught if you were in SWG in Bristol!

Brian had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he beat the hell out of the drums in his nightly unconventional drum solo. At every given moment, the audience shouted and threw a fist in the air on any signal that Tichy gave from the stage.

‘Shine On’ from the new album has continued to be a favourite throughout this tour, and Deep Purple classics ‘Mistreated’ and ‘Burn’ never fail to wow the audience as the band know how to own these songs making them feel like they are Daisies originals. David and Doug are always pinning down the groove to let the bass and drums work around and give that thunderous deep vibe, that gives an overall wall of sound transcending from the stage!

As the final note was struck both for this year and tour, The Dead Daisies took a bow and left the stage to a rousing cheer from the Bristol crowd! Now it’s home time, as everybody takes flight and heads on their merry way! Happy Christmas everyone!

Additional photos by Gaynor Wright, Wendy Hayes Stevens, Mike Evans, Sarah, Chris Kelly, Bev Moore, Chris Hornsblow, Davey Lee, Jane Whatley, Kay Rogers, Peter Thornton