2023.08.31 TDD_US_DAY_11-43

The Brass Monkey in Ottawa is a favourite for The Dead Daisies, and tonight’s gig was no different. It was so busy that people were lining up right down the street, something that does not happen here everyday. When everyone was inside and waiting for the band to hit the stage, you could feel the heat in the air from the breaths of the hundreds packing out the venue. In a blaze of lights and noise, the band hit the stage powering into ‘Resurrected’ with its monster riff played by Doug.

The night took off into high energy mode and stayed there most of the way through apart from the breathing spaces fitted in around Brian’s drum solo on ‘Bustle and Flow’ and the more laid back ’Something I Said’ which followed each other in the set. Once the energy was recharged to maximum voltage, the band were off once more, hitting the highs of ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Mexico’ and ‘Midnight Moses’ before coming back for an encore of ‘Long Way To Go’ and ’Slide It In’. It’s been a long wait for the Rock fans of Ottawa to see The Dead Daisies again, but a wait that was certainly worth it.

Additional photos by Brenda Lynn Carter, Kyle Humphrey, Freddie Ryden, Vicky Allen