The Daisies have completed the basic tracking for the new album! All instruments are done, and everyone’s extremely happy with the results. Coming up next is finishing John Corabi’s vocals, then Marti Frederiksen will start the mix. The plan is to have it all done by the end of March. It’s coming, friends, it’s coming!

Before Doug, David, Marco and Brian have left Nashville, the Daisies welcomed some international visitors to the studio over the weekend:

Our friends at Planet Rock Radio in the UK held a massive competition over the last few days, offering a flight to the US and a visit to the studio. Alex Rymer was the lucky winner, who could not only listen to some brandnew tunes, he even took part in some backing vocal sessions! Alex commented: „Quite a surreal weekend. Normally I would be at home walking the dog, but I was hanging out with The Dead Daisies. Unbelievable! Had a chat with the guys at a bar, had a few drinks, and hang out with them in the studio listening to them record new stuff! What a fantastic experience!“

Also getting the „inside scoop“ was Mark Hoaksey, editor in chief at UK‘s Powerplay Magazine, as well as Jon Norman from Planet Rock Radio, so stay tuned for some cool exclusive features! Video recap coming as well!

A good time was had by all, and everyone concerned is sure we can expect nothing less than a stellar Rock‘n‘Roll record!