2023.08.25 TDD_US_DAY_5-42

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years and 1 day since The Dead Daisies last played Toronto, but then the world has been a bit off its access for a few years since then. So, when John, David, Doug, Brian and Michael for the first time stepped back on that stage, it was like no time had passed. The Crowd were ecstatic to see, and when the chords chugged to Resurrected, everyone was on their feet and enjoying the moment.

With the latest ‘Best of’ album to promote, the set was full of big, thumping numbers from all eras of the bands back catalogue including a great version of ‘Miles In Front Of Me’ from the first album to ‘Born To Fly’ from the last one, songs not originally sung by Corabi, but he makes them his own. ,Bustle and Flow’ stood out as a highlight with everyone tonigh along with Brian’s playful drum solo. With ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Long Way to Go’ and ‘Mexico’ the Canadian crowd just wanted the band to play all night. What a great welcome from the land of the Maple Leaf, with another 6 shows to go in this great country! CANADA YOU ROCK!

Additional photos by Bob Hughes, Cory Johnson, Christine Henderson, Eugene Mercer, Monica Botello, Allyson Wachsberg, Claudio Polito, Dave Kaple, David Downey, Susan Pindus