Back in NYC: Time to write an album!

Hey guys,

here’s some cool news for you all: We’re proud to have you know that as of yesterday, we’re back in New York City to get the ball rolling on the writing sessions for our new album!

Since Make Some Noise, we’ve compiled a ton of killer song ideas and we’ll now be honing those to perfection at the famed Jungle Studios alongside producer legend Marti Frederiksen in order to lay them down together at the helm in Nashville shortly after. Not to give away too much yet, but expect nothing less than an absolutely mindblowing record!

As always, we’ll keep you informed formidably on everything that’s going down, which is why we want to introduce you to the lady who is taking pictures during our writing session in New York! Her name is Dalila Kriheli and here’s a little background on her in her own words! Please make her feel welcome! :)

“Born in the mid 70’s and raised in Queens, NY – Rock n’ Roll was a part of my life from as early as I can remember. The striking images of the iconic legends were always what I surrounded myself with – on my walls and in my binder for school.

I started collecting all the rock music publications and told myself at a very young age: ONE DAY, my images will be within those pages, or gracing the covers.

My mission, my passion and my goal, and what I strive to do with every shot: find a perspective and story that hasn’t been told and in the moment when they are truly entranced by their music and performance!”

Find out more about her work at:





DekiBack in NYC: Time to write an album!