With the tour coming ever close to an end, we arrived back into Austria to play a show in Graz at Projekt Pop Culture.

Our hotel was right across the road from the venue, so we walked. Between 6 and 7pm we held our daily acoustic show ‘DaisyLand which we are finding is becoming very popular among the ever increasing audience that come to see us. It is probably the relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity for us to try different things where every crowd really feels part of the whole experience.

Later on in the evening, it was time to get ready for showtime. Doug started the riff to ‘Midnight Moses’ and we were off! The crowd sang back with John and punched the air and the place went into overdrive! ‘Long Way To Go’, ‘Song and a Prayer’, ‘Resurrected’ and ‘Rise Up’ all blasted out to the Austrian crowd.

The tour is nearly over as we head to Germany for the final two shows.