Australian Radio Embraces Empty Heart


Since the The Dead Daisies released their new album Revolución in September in Australia, down under have thrown unbelievable support behind the band. This includes the track ‘Empty Heart’ which is a duet, c-written and featuring the much loved Jimmy Barnes.

Key taste makers Australia wide have shown huge support for the song with across the board play list ads, interviews and reviews.

“Jackie Barnes (Jimmy’s Son), played drums for most of the tracks on Revolución so Jimmy was stopping by on occasion to check on our progress. He spoke with us one day, and offered us a couple of tunes he thought we might like. After listening we all agreed on Empty Heart. We all thought it was just a great tune!!! I am honored to say I’ve sung with the man, and beyond his talents as a musician, he’s just a great dude to hang with!!! GOD, WHAT A VOICE!!!!” – John Corabi

Thank you for your ongoing support Australia!

DekiAustralian Radio Embraces Empty Heart