“Angel In Your Eyes” Storming US Radio!

The Dead Daisies newest single “Angel In Your Eyes” has stormed the American Mainstream Rock and Classic Rock charts.


Tune in and listen to The Dead Daisies on:

KLPX-FM – Tucson
KIXA – FM – Victor Valley
WMMQ – FM – Lansing
KVRV – FM – Santa Rosa, CA
WCHR – FM – Monmouth-Ocean
WZBH – FM – Salisbury, MD
WMGM – FM – Atlantic City
KKBZ – FM – Fresno
WWSK – FM – Nassau – Suffolk
KQXR – FM – Boise, ID
WDHA – FM – Morristown, NJ
KXXR – FM Minneapolis
WQXA – FM Harrisburg
WRKZ – Columbus, OH
WXFX – Montgomery, AL
WAPL – Greenbay

Nights with Alice Cooper – Syndicated



Deki“Angel In Your Eyes” Storming US Radio!

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