All the Fun of the Fair: Daisies & Kiss in Allentown, PA

As the US leg of the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour rapidly moves towards its final destination in September, the first day of the month kicked off with the same intensity like most days of this tour: Loads to do, loads to see and plenty places to go. With an early start in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the band headed visited WFMZ TV talking and performing tracks from the album.

The Great Allentown fair was first held in 1852 to showcase agricultural advancements and to entertain patrons. Nowadays it appeals to a much broader range of people including rockstars and rock fans! The guys arrived early to soak in the atmosphere as Marco went for a walk and talk with the animals. A herd of goats fought for his attention and more importantly for what he was feeding them. Marco has always been a great ambassador for the band whether its speaking to the fans or even the curious four legged kind.

As the clock hit 7.40pm, The Dead Daisies burst out on-stage to the vast audience of the fair adding a bit of rock and roll culture to their day of agriculture with a selection of choice cuts from the ‘Make Some Noise’ album. With the show done and dusted, the band met some of the fans – some in KISS costume, but also in Daisies merch – before heading back to the hotel and a well earned rest. Sep 2nd will be a day off, the Rock machine revs up again in Worcester, MA! See ya there…

DekiAll the Fun of the Fair: Daisies & Kiss in Allentown, PA