2013 – An amazing year for The Dead Daisies

It’s been a hell of a year…

After touring Australia, America, Canada, and the UK we have just ended our touring for 2013 with an absolutely epic show in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was a truly awesome gig at the Barby and a special way to end the year for us.

As we all depart our separate ways to be with our families for the holidays we wanted you guys to know how much we appreciate your support and how great it was to meet so many of you at our shows. Because we have made so many new fans and friends across three continents this year we have decided to start an official online community for you and hope all of you will participate in it when we launch it in January 2014. Details will be coming soon, and we promise they will be good!

We are recharging our batteries for now and will be back on the road in Australia this February and promise we will have a lot of cool content for you to check out between now and then so stay tuned in to our website and social media, and if you took any awesome photos, videos or made any Daisies artwork please post it online with #thedeaddaisies – We would love to check it out!

Once again thanks so much to all the bands we got to tour with, our crew, family, friends, and fans for making this an amazing 2013!

Happy Holidays!

Photos by Katarina Benzova




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Deki2013 – An amazing year for The Dead Daisies