Dizzy Reflects on European Tour

The Dead Daisies keyboard player Dizzy Reed reflected on the recent tour with KISS through Europe. Heres what he had to say;
It was great to finally rock with The Dead Daisies in the Old World where you are all incredible r’n’f’n rollers, you always have been and you sure know how to show it. Can’t thank you enough and we will be back soon! And to the folks that came out in the wee hours of the morn at Download and Grasspop, I don’t know if you were still awake or just waking up but that was awesome! What a blast. Thank you KI$$ and your crew and special thanks to our crew, you’re the top of the heap. My eyes are welling up so gotta stop. Next up: gonna rock the States with Whitesnake, in the hot summer heat! Love you All!!!!!
DekiDizzy Reflects on European Tour