twocolors x The Dead Daisies – ‘Make It Louder’

“After doing a remix for one of the latest Rammstein singles ‘RADIO’, we fell in love with the challenge of re-mixing rock songs and tailoring them a new “garment”.

We are trying to do the music we love but also wanted to keep TDD’s audience. Especially the bass line of The Dead Daisies’ song was so unique that this part became one of the main ingredients for the song. The bass builds a powerful bridge between rock and electronic music.

Not just using some parts of the original song but also recording a new guitar melody and creating a completely new version that has groove, is ‚dancy‘ and also involves classic rock elements was our aim for the twocolors & The Dead Daisies track ‘Make it Louder’

Let’s Make It Louder!!”

– twocolors

Listen to the song here!


Dekitwocolors x The Dead Daisies – ‘Make It Louder’

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