The metaverse is here, and with it a new frontier for musicians around the world to reach new fans and find new audiences.

To that end we’ve jumped into this virtual world!

Kicking off this week is the first part…a listening party in the AVAKIN LIFE metaverse

From Thursday June 9th-16th you can explore The Meta Daisies Listening Party and most importantly ROCK OUT to ‘RADIANCE’.

All you have to do is download the AVAKIN LIFE app and create your Avatar here:

Metaverse platforms give musicians an opportunity to preserve their legacy in a way that can live for eternity, and with that, new and current fans can fully experience the power of their music. Imagine witnessing the glory days of some of music’s biggest names at their peak.

Soon, that dream will be a reality.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from in-platform live performances and exclusive releases to virtual merch and events that fans can enjoy – and this is just the beginning!

On June 2nd we revealed a brand new rock band – created by four rock legends and optimized for the new world of the metaverse. Join us to witness the beginning of something truly ground-breaking.


In a parallel universe, Daisy, the time-travelling shapeshifting heiress to the underworld, walks through deserted city streets fixated on her cell phone. She walks past a holographic event of The Meta Daisies and as their guardian, she is delighted to see them performing. She turns and is mesmerized by a bright light radiating in the distance.

Drawn by the light, Daisy time travel’s seeking the source of the mysterious glow. She finds herself deep in a dark forest where she discovers a castle with a secret tunnel to an underground vault. Fascinated by a small red music box, she opens it and unleashes a glowing sphere radiating energy which she then follows to the underworld.

Holding court, Daisy watches over The Meta Daisies rockin’ out and inspired by her passion for rock music, she can’t resist dancing and is drawn into a euphoric state. She reaches out and touches the angel which causes an epic explosion propelling her back up to the city scape where she joins the energy sphere and ascends to the next meta dimension.

As pioneers in the metaverse, the Band & Daisy’s mission is to preserve the legacy of Rock music now and in the future.

Rock is indeed alive and well.

Stay tuned for more…

DekiThe Daisies – Radiance (Meta Cinematic)