Thanks from TDD Central!

Over the last few years we’ve rocked with thousands of you at Daisies concerts, on ships and across our social platforms around the planet.

We’re taking a short break at the moment so everyone is off doing their own musical things, spending time with family, fishing or just chilling out!!!

Soooooo, for the next couple of months we’ll be a little less active across FB, Instagram etc but still covering fan stories, highlights and goofy shit from over the last few years..

If there are any highlights or stuff you want to see – shoot us a message on Facebook.

While you might see a little less online, have no fear, this IS the place for ALL things TDD and anything newsworthy, we’ll bring it to you here first !!!

So please continue to enjoy the ride .. we really appreciate your support and continued love of Rock Music.

We’ll be back soon so stay tuned …

Thanks from everyone at TDD central!


DekiThanks from TDD Central!

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