In The Spotlight… Jen from Liverpool!

Hey guys,

we‘re back with our In The Spotlight series! Today, we‘d like to introduce you to Jen – a top notch rock lover and proud Chain Gang member from Liverpool!

Here‘s her Daisies story:

“Hi, I’m Jen from Liverpool, UK. Being from Liverpool, home of John, Paul, George and Ringo, music is in my blood – I grew up listening to all kinds but, my love of rock music started at the age of 11, upon hearing ‘Jump’ by Van Halen – after that I was hooked! I love Whitesnake, Mr.Big, Thunder, Extreme and so many more. I knew of The Dead Daisies, and had heard a few of their songs, but never really got into them until Doug joined the band. Since then, I’ve seen them live 6 times, joined The Chain Gang and promote the guys and their music however I can, both individually and as a collective. I think they’ve shown the world that they’re a real ‘Supergroup’ and that Rock and Roll is very much alive and kicking. Here’s to more Dead Daisies in 2018! Keep rockin’.“


DekiIn The Spotlight… Jen from Liverpool!

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