Rock’n’Roll Sushi: The Daisies arrive in Munich

The band arrived in Munich on Saturday, ahead of their Sunday appearance at the Free & Easy Festival at the Backstage Club. On this scorching hot day, the guys took full advantage of the downtime to relax, hit the pool or discover the city including the famous Cathedral at Marienplatz. The band also dropped by a Sushi¬†restaurant and had an awesome meal. Even some bottles of Sake have been seen… Noticing that there was a cool Rock’n’Roll band in their restaurant, the owners came and posed for pictures. Many laughs and a great evening was had by all, capped off with a summer night walk around the city. Now the machine is ready to be fired up again with tonight’s show at the Backstage!

DekiRock’n’Roll Sushi: The Daisies arrive in Munich

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