Rocking in the USA: Week 1 of the Dirty Dozen Tour on video!

DAMN! What a way to kick-off the Dirty Dozen Tour! Our return to the United States couldn’t have been more of a Rock ‘n’ Roll avalanche than what went down this past week:
Getting crazy wild at Sturgis, joining forces with The Dives in Chicago, bringing our Rock ‘n’ Roll thunder to Detroit, and celebrating a massive live premiere in Toronto – this sure is one hell of a tour already!

Coming back to Sturgis and playing The Full Throttle Saloon has been an absolute blast! It’s hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t witnessed it, but all the crazy girls, bikers, and wild rockers over there really are one of a kind!
Also, we’ve even had a surprise visit from Japan! Two of our dear friends from our show in Tokyo this summer stopped by at our concert in Chicago! How cool is THAT! It’s been so great seeing you guys again!

We want to thank each and every one of you so much for coming out, partying, drinking, and chatting with us at our shows! We really couldn’t ask for a more awesome crowd than you guys! Especially our amazing Chain Gang members are really upping the ante in terms of dedication and support on this tour! Hats off, fellas! Here’s to you!

As we’re preparing to come swooping down on Asbury Park, New York, and Baltimore next, please check out the killer recap video we’ve put together from the footage of this insane last week! Bikes, Babes & Big Rock – it’s all in there!
Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll!


DekiRocking in the USA: Week 1 of the Dirty Dozen Tour on video!

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