A Rockin’ Day of Science and Technology

Matus, a school teacher from Slovakia messaged us in late 2018, about a project he was doing with his students which involved his favourite vinyl records including his own collection of The Dead Daisies.

“Our secondary grammar school hosted an event called ‘A Day of Science and Technology’. We, the teachers, together with a few of our students, prepared lectures and practical presentations on various topics. I chose a topic dear to my heart – music from vinyl (records) and, brought my entire vinyl collection to school. Acoustics is a field of physics, right?

“Just as I was speaking about various limited editions and box sets, holding my precious Live & Louder set, my colleague walked in and took this lovely picture of me and our student Sara, who helped me with the presentation. I won’t lie, we posed a little bit. But when I saw the picture, I just had to send it over to you guys!

“If you look closely to my box of 45’s, next to the Rock And Roll Over sticker you’ll see a very old sticker of a guy called John Corabi – wondered, where did he end up….?

“Can’t wait to see you again, for the 3rd time this year, this time in Budapest!”


DekiA Rockin’ Day of Science and Technology

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