Today is another first for The Dead Daisies as they play their first Swedish festival! Skogsröjet Festival is situated about 100 miles west from Stockholm. The festival started in 2006 as a one-day event but from 2010 it was expanded to a two-day festival.

After flying from Hamburg, the band arrived by bus at the festival at lunchtime. There were various media appointments to attend to which were due to the release of the ‘Make Some Noise’ record today. The Festival utilises various local buildings including a school, so when the band ended up using a classroom for their dressing room, they had the opportunity to act out their very own version of ‘School of Rock’! On their way to the stage the band met German Metal Queen Doro and posed with her for pictures. Always great meeting fellow rockers and musical colleague all over the world.

The Dead Daisies finally hit the stage just after 6pm where they powered into the well-oiled ‘Midnight Moses’. The Swedish rock fans are a friendly bunch, but they went crazy for the band, moving forward to the front of the stage and jumping and screaming at the top of their lungs while singing along to songs like ‚All Right Now’.

Celebrating the release of the album today, the band packed in a massive eight new songs into a thirteen song set. Numbers like ‘Song and a Prayer’, ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ and ‘We All fall Down’ were cranked out across Sweden!

With the European tour nearing its completion, Its time to reflect how big an impact the band have made on this trek. This was further re-enforced by both the high chart positions coming in from around the world for ‘Make Some Noise’ as well as the reviews which have been phenomenal! The journey continues upwards!


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