Between Rock And A High Place

Australian Aviation recently spoke with David Lowy to discuss his love of flying, how he came to found the Temora museum, and the similarities and differences between music, business and flying.

“I had wanted to fly since the age of five. My mother bought me this little balsa wood glider. And I ran up the top of this very steep hill on a summer afternoon and I threw the glider down. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. From that minute on I just wanted to fly.”

“We take risks for what we love to do, and do our best. Business is a risk. You calculate the risk. It doesn’t always come out how you think.” explained David on his approach to dealing with business. However, when it comes to music he discussed why you have to use a different mindset. “If anything, I’ve learned from my fellow musicians, that you’ve got to leave more to chance in music and you can’t be so regimented. There’s gotta be improvisation. The last thing you want to do in a rock and roll show is be strictly disciplined. It doesn’t really work. Music is totally in the moment. You can’t think of anything else.”

Read the interview here.

DekiBetween Rock And A High Place

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