As you all know we’ve released numerous Albums and EP’s over the last decade! To tell you the truth it’s been a whopping 130 songs so far and we really do, love all of them!

As with this, many songs get overshadowed by the single releases which get airplay and are usually featured more on streaming platforms, playlists and played LIVE!!

We’ve gone back over the Daisies catalogue and realised how amazing these songs are and, thought you guys might have missed these too!

So, in celebration of a decade of making music we’re inviting you all to rediscover these great tracks!

RESURRECTED VOL.1 is the first of two special compilations, curated by us to showcase these hidden gems from the past.

“Over the last decade we’ve released six studio albums and looking back there were some stand-out songs we didn’t release as singles. Resurrected VOL.1 & VOL.2 encapsulates these hidden gems for fans new and old. Hope you enjoy these tracks as much as we did writing, and recording them.” – David Lowy

Rock is truly alive & well!

Check out the tracklisting:

Vol. 1

  1. Yesterday
  2. Writing on the Wall
  3. Bible Row
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Can’t Fight This Feeling
  7. Your Karma
  8. Empty Heart
  9. Looking for the One
  10. Critical
  11. Last Night
  12. Get Up Get Ready
  13. Make The Best Of It
  14. Sleep
  15. Freedom

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