Before The Dead Daisies kicked off with their own brand of Rock in 2013, David Lowy had already cut his teeth with one of the biggest music legends in Australian music, Doc Neeson of The Angels. The band these two formed was Red Phoenix back in 2005. This was a project David loved working on with Doc. They recruited bass player Jim Hilbun (original bass player for The Angels), guitarist Peter Northcote (guitarist for Richard Clapton, Dragon and Daryl Braithwaite) and drummer Fabrisio Omodei (drummer for Ian Moss, Jimmy Barnes and Choir Boys).

In November of 2005 they initially started recording with former Angels producer Terry Manning at Trackdown Sound Stage Sydney and then headed to the Bahamas to complete recording their debut album at the AC/DC ‘Back In Black’ famed Compass Point Studios in Nassau.

Due to lack of touring the album never really found its true potential, quickly becoming a treasured collectors’ item and rarely found for sale.

Now, MelodicRock Classics owner Andrew McNeice having been a life-long fan of The Angels and rating Doc Neeson as one of the world’s greatest frontmen, is re-issuing the Red Phoenix self-titled Limited Edition CD available worldwide from October 28th.

Now, you can pre-order your copy here:

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