As the band boards the plane home, the guitars and drums are packed away and the merchandise is boxed up for the next show, it gives time to reflect on what has been a momentous six weeks for The Dead Daisies.

Before John Corabi, Marco Mendoza, Doug Aldrich, David Lowy and ‘new boy’ Deen Castronovo stepped onto the stage in Glasgow on April 8th, there was an expectancy and a feeling in the air that something had changed. Shows selling out in bigger venues and chart positions all over Europe breaking previous personal bests for the band was the result. And standing in the crowds at these shows, you could feel the anticipation and excitement building up every night.

If The Dead Daisies was the Empire State Building, we would be on the 70th floor. The building process of the band is on the up and the rest of the year will only re-enforce what the band have already built on over the last five years.

As the crowds grow bigger and the band gets louder, Japan is the next stop on this adventure called the ‘Burn It Down’ tour!



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