Pixolut To Create Dead Daisies Face I Love App

Big things are happening for The Dead Daisies over the next few months. We are heading out on tour very soon with Bad Company + Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kiss + Def Leppard, it’s exactly one month until the release of our new single, ‘Face I Love’ and it is also only a month away till we release the ‘Face I Love’ app! The app will be a big part of our upcoming release, we can’t say exactly how yet but either way, it’s a very exciting time!

Pixolut are the brains behind the Face I Love APP, which will be used in an innovative way to release our new single! More details to be revealed soon!!!

They have previously created apps for the Australian Wallabies, the Sydney Opera HouseTourism Australia, They have won numerous awards for the innovative ideas and creative designs to engage with users through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Needless to say, the Face I Love app is going to be huge, so get ready to see what Pixolut and The Dead Daisies have install for you!

You can check out all their work HERE.



DekiPixolut To Create Dead Daisies Face I Love App