One for the bastards… Osnabrück rocked!

Tuesday nights show was in Osnabrück situated near the Dutch border. It would also take place in the unusually titled ‘Bastard Club’,
its not often you can say that without offending anyone. After flying from Berlin, the band arrived at the venue and were treated to some
traditional German wursts at a backstage BBQ.

The club was small, hot, sweaty with a low ceiling and reminiscent of a backstreet New York punk club with graffiti all over the walls and probably very nostalgic to some of the band from their early years of gigging. As much as its wonderful to play big arenas, sometimes these kind of gigs can create the best memories, and tonight, The Dead Daisies would be aiming to make as many great memories as possible for their German fans.

Like a large explosion going off in a confined space, ‘Midnight Moses’ kicked into action, followed by a string of new and old Daisies classics like ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘Lock N’ Load’. The combination of a small venue, a packed crowd and loud music created a furnace, and both fans and band members felt the over-whelming heat.

‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ had never been played in a more appropriate setting where the venue could almost substitute as a nuclear bunker, while the thought provoking ‘With You and I’ declared a strong and positive message for current times in Europe and around the world.

Such was the intimacy of this venue, there was very little barrier between the stage and the audience, and John could easily reach out and touch the fans hands which he regularly did through out the set as well as getting them involved in singing, clapping and raising their hands.

With some familiar classics like ‘Alright Now’ and Deep Purples ‘Hush’, and the appropriately titled ‘Mexico’, the band signed off on another successful night in Germany. As ever, the band were delighted to see the whole venue come and say hello after the show where the signed posters and took photographs outside before heading off in the tour bus. Thank you Osnabrück and the Bastard Club, you were awe-inspiring!!

DekiOne for the bastards… Osnabrück rocked!

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