Mika Goes Global To See The Daisies

Hello everyone, I’m Japanese and my name is Mika!!

The opportunity to become a fan of TDD was when Mr. Deen Castronovo joined them. I got to know of Deen in 2017 through the band JOURNEY!!

Then I began to listen to TDD’s songs and I was so fascinated by their wonderful rock music. I looked forward to going to the “Burn It Down Japan Tour”!!

I planned to participate in the Japan tour alone, but I was able to make friends with Natsuko as a result of having a pendant made by her. So I was able to go to see the show in Tokyo and Nagoya with Natsuko! As a result I enjoyed it several times more than if I had been on my own!!

When I went to see the tour, I intended to go only to Japan. But with so much excitement and pleasure when I did see their wonderful show, I was driven by the impulse that I wanted to go again. I decided to go to the US tour alone for San Diego to LA!!

It was Japanese person “Yuika-San” living in the United States who spoke to me when I arrived at the Guitar Center in San Diego! Thanks to her helping me, I was able to go to see all of the TDD shows with her in LA afterwards!!
On the flight from San Diego to LA I met Eriko-San, another Daisies fan. After arriving at LAX, Atsuko-San put me in a cab to the hotel. Initially I was going on the tour alone but fortunately, I was able to move between SD to Pomona to LA with safely thanks to my very kind Japanese friends!! Another friend, Kana-San helped me with my registering for the Guitar Center!!

I ended up making lots of new friends thanks to The Dead Daisies!! I’m sincerely grateful for all of them and will continue to support The Daisies with my friends of TDD family!!

I’m not the best English speaker, but I can communicate through great music and bands, even if language is a barrier!


DekiMika Goes Global To See The Daisies

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