With a day off to recharge and soak in the atmosphere of Grand Rapids, the band were invited to a Meat BBQ, a past-time enjoyed by many in the state of Michigan, by the local rock radio station at a rock n’ roll joint owned by Iron Maiden fan Sean Johnson and situated in Lansing, about an hours journey from Grand Rapid.

The guys tucked in to the banquet laid out for them while doing a relaxed interview with the radio station. Meanwhile Stage Manager Lee attempted the Log Challenge, an 18 layer burger! All things considered, he did pretty well in devouring the majority of the meat mountain in front of him.

After are a short sight seeing trip of the local area taking in landmarks like the rail bridge that runs across the Grand River and known as the Blue Bridge, the band returned to the hotel where they had drinks in the bar with members of Toto and KISS.

Next up is Saginaw to the north east of Grand Rapids and a two hour bus journey for the next chapter of the KISS tour.



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