TDD_L&L_Logo_Black(2)The day has come: Our first live album “Live & Louder” is finally available worldwide! Make sure to get your copy and go here for all stores & streams in your country. “Live & Louder” contains 16 songs of full-on, no bullshit Rock’n’Roll, recorded during our awesome European tour last fall. Who knows, maybe it’s YOU screaming along!

There are several cool versions available like a limited edition boxset, a double LP and a CD digipak. Of course “Live & Louder“ is also available digitally.


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We’re so proud on this live album and are very happy that it’s finally unveiled. The reactions have been amazing so far…


The press:

Quite possibly the best sounding live album, ever! This is the level all other bands should aspire to!
(Bravewords, 10 out of 10)

Live & Louder is one of the best live albums I have heard in quite a while. It’ s difficult to find anything that does not justify five out of five.
(KNAC, USA, 5 out of 5)

If you thought the hype was too much, you better take a listen now – or just stick to Radiohead. The Dead Daisies put the pedal to the metal big time on this live-adrenaline package.
(Guitar, Germany, 5 out of 5)

When anticipating this album I did not expect something of this immeasurable brilliance. I expected awesome music played live and recorded, I got music brought to life and The Dead Daisies playing for me and my friends inmy lounge room…no one was sitting down.
(Silver Tiger Media, Australia)

If you saw them on their recent tour this will take you right back to that night as it’ s total in your face Rock’ n’ Roll that few bands in this genre are capable of. If you missed them you NEED this album, actually you need it even if you were there!
(Jacemedia, UK)

„‘Live & Louder’ will be the next best thing to actually being there. It’ s readily apparent when watching these seasoned pros perform, that they thoroughly enjoy what they do.“


But what’s even more important to us: How do YOU like “Live & Louder”? Let us know! We love the shows, we love the stage, we love rockin’ out with you guys – and “Live & Louder” captures all the fun, sweat & singalongs. We can’t wait to see you on the road again!

THANK YOU for making “Live & Louder“ possible. You asked for it, we deliver! See you soon!


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