Live & Louder in Europe – Week 4 on Video

What a wild ride it’s been, Europe!

We had so much fun coming back and playing our music for you, getting to reunite with old friends and meeting so many amazing new people! It’s always crazy to look back at all the different places we got to see and we feel tremendously lucky to call you our family!

This week must’ve been one of the most intense ones on the tour: Four sold-out shows, rocking out on a boat, power-cuts, sweaty jams and masterful lake jumps. It really was the full package.

Our stay is almost over now and we’re heading to play the last show on European soil for a while. So it is with a bit of a heavy heart that we present to you our last video recap for this leg of our Live & Louder World Tour 2017. Thanks for all the great moments, Europe! We promise we won’t be long! Spread the word and keep the rock rolling!

DekiLive & Louder in Europe – Week 4 on Video

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