Through the Lens – Carina Fleckner

Throughout The Dead Daisies history we have made sure that everything has been well documented with images. With great photographers like Katarina Benzova (GNR official photographer) and Oliver Halfin following the band on tour, we have built up an amazing library of images. However, we have also been photographed across the world by many other fabulous photographers at different shows and locations. One of those was Carina Fleckner from San Diego, California. In September 2018, Carina came to our show in San Diego at Brick by Brick during the September leg of the 2018 ‘Burn it Down’ tour and shot some great images of the band in action. With sweat dripping off the walls due to the sheer heat of the rock n’ roll pounding around the venue, the band were on fire while Carina captured the energy and moments in time brilliantly. The passion she has for her photography can be seen by the way she presents her work in a form that tells a story, helping her vision come to life. Check out the shots here or visit her website.

DekiThrough the Lens – Carina Fleckner

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