Jon Stevens Heals In Time for UK Tour


Jon is excited to announce today that his injured foot is healing nicely despite performing a demanding schedule with the Dead Daisies for the Rockstar Uproar Tour in North America while in recovery.

In a Facebook post on the Dead Daisies page earlier today Jon let his fans know how his recovery is going.

“Thankyou so much to everyone for all the birthday well wishes very much appreciated cheers!
my leg is on the mend I got out of the boot a few days ago still not 100% can’t walk too far but its a start…
My right thumb is stuck straight and it doesn’t look like its gonna come good bad nerve damage but I can hold a plectrum/pick and the Maori strum is back woohoo!
Thanks to everyone that supported the Dead Daisies in the US you rock!
Looking forward to meeting and greeting new fans in the UK in Nov/Dec
Although going from hot Sydney summer at the beach to freezing UK winter is quite a concept for this little Maori boy! Ouch!
Much Aroha to you all….Jon”

DekiJon Stevens Heals In Time for UK Tour