Growing a Masterpiece

June 7, will see the release of The Dead Daisies self titled debut album on vinyl for the very first time. Originally released in 2013 in CD format globally, the new orange vinyl record version will be available with an exclusive new cover design.

Back in 2012, David Lowy started to collaborate with singer Jon Stevens to develop a musical project that would flourish into The Dead Daisies. From their earliest jam sessions songs began to form and before long they had more than an albums worth of material, which would form the basis of the debut album. Songs like ‘Lock N’ Load’, ‘Washington’ and ‘It’s Gonna Take Time’ became crowd favourites when the Daisies hit the stage for the first time in Australia supporting Aerosmith and ZZ Top, then heading overseas for the Uproar Festival US tour. The initial concept of the band being a line-up of some of the hottest rock musicians around, David Lowy gathered a stellar bunch including GNR pair Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus, legendary drummer Charlie Drayton and The Rolling Stones American bassist Darryl Jones. When the band hit the UK shores for the first time in the winter months of 2013 there was no stopping them. This first album was an explosive debut for the band and gave The Dead Daisies a wonderful foundation to build on.

You can now pr-order this great new version of the debut album as well in other formats from our store and selected retail outlets. Click here to pre-order.



DekiGrowing a Masterpiece

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