Our rehearsals in Essen went great – have a look below!

The days before going on tour are always busy as hell and there are so many things to handle – thanks to our fantastic road crew for making this possible. We couldn’t do this without you!

All our gear arrived in Germany without any problems and we had a fantastic time playing together. Sometimes our rehearsals are kind of a flashback to our garage days because some things never change. You’ll always search for your cables and picks and the drummer won’t stop playing EVER, but the most important thing is that we still enjoy making music. This is our life!

Essen, thanks for your hospitality! We enjoy Stauder beer a lot 😉 We’re more than pumped for the first show of our “Live & Louder” world tour at Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirchen today, which is about half an hour’s drive from Essen. Show time is 6:15pm and we’ll do a signing at 8:15pm. Let the party begin!



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