Formidable First Act: Woodstock Rehearsals Part 2!

Hey, guys! We’re back with news from Poland!
Our rehearsals with the Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra are going absolutely fantastic! We’re really starting to get the hang of this whole performing-with-a-60-piece-orchestra thing. In fact it’s so much fun, we’re kind of getting used to it! Maybe we should just tour like that from now on. What do you think?

Also, we got to meet Jurek Owsiak, the founder and president of Woodstock Poland, who had these kind words to say about our upcoming Concert for Freedom this year:”We are very grateful that thanks to artists like you, and amazing initiatives like The Dead Daisies and their songs about freedom, we are able to nurture and develop these everlasting ideals. The spirit of freedom permeates the globe, unstoppable like the wind, and it reminds us that despite the different skin colors or creeds we are all united by the ideals of Love, Friendship, and Music.”

Such inspiring words – we couldn’t agree more! That said, the guys and girls in the orchestra continue to do an amazing job! So not to brag or anything, but our show tomorrow will be a total blast! Till then, feel free to check out all the photos from yesterday in our gallery below!

Looking forward to getting wild with you at Woodstock tomorrow, Poland! Rock’s not dead and we’re here to prove it!
See you then! ROCK ON!

DekiFormidable First Act: Woodstock Rehearsals Part 2!

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