‘Locked and Loaded – the Covers Album’, it has exploded across the radio airwaves around the world. It has been embraced by mainstream, independent and digital radio stations, both large and small. Over 200 radio stations globally from Canada to Australia have been ramping up the volume and spinning songs like ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Midnight Moses’ and ‘Highway Star’ on rotation for the past two weeks.

The level of interest for this album has been so high in the US, it burst into the top 10 most added new releases for the week rocketing to number 8. Radio have continued to add tracks from the album to their playlists and the number continues to grow. The first week of airplay saw plays by RadioBoise (KBRX/ Boise, ID), WLJS 91.9 (Jacksonville, AL), WSRX 107.9 (Vernon, NJ) and Rebel Radio who debuted four tracks from the album on their “New Music Block”.

In the UK, Planet Rock has been plugging tracks across peak shows every week, while in Europe, the majority of the major Rock stations have featured tracks in their playlists.

Star FM, one of the largest radio stations dedicated to Rock music in Germany, are playing the album in it’s entirety and last week featured as their ‘Album of the Week’! Rockland FM, also made ‘Locked and Loaded’ their ‘Album of the Week!!

The album has demonstrated the continuous appetite for classic songs in the rock genre as music fans worldwide tune in and enjoy ‘Locked and Loaded’.


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