This is The Deadsies Fan Club – born with the purpose of bringing together the band with their fans and the fans with their band.

Join us and enjoy unique content, designed exclusively just for you: We want you to be the first one to know all the band’s activity, we want you to have exclusive merchandise, we want you to enjoy discounts on the official merchandise, we want you to have priority to attend to events… and much more! But especially, we want to have direct communication with you. Because this is a club by and for the fans!

We feel that a fan club just like Meet & Greets should be free and a band shouldn’t charge for this. You can subscribe and become a member absolutely free. Just enter your name & email below, and we’ll get in touch!

For those of you who that want a little bit extra – we have a new membership pack which includes a super cool T-shirt, an amazing fabric backpack perfect to go and see the boys at their shows, a wristband and a membership card. But you also can still get the first membership pack we did last year when the fan club was born if you missed it when we launched it!

Together we’ll be indestructible!
Join together!



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Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive reactions to the fan club! Here’s some consolidated feedback from the first few days since it was announced:General:
– You can choose a free version of the fan club, just enter your mail adress above – OR – you can order a merch package here.
– The store page for the merch package gives you a language option on top of the page where you can switch the language to English.
– The fan club is run by our Spanish friends who also run the KISS Army Spain and they are the point people. Any questions? You can email them here: deadsiesfc@thedeaddaisies.com.Shipping:
– We are now offering a more economical shipping solution which should make it easier for some of you fans to order the package. All of you who have ordered for the high shipping variant will get a refund from the web store and your package will be shipped for a much lower price. Any questions regarding shipping and/or fulfilment are please to be directed to: service@loveyourartist.de.
– All missing countries will be added on next Tuesday after the German bank holiday.
– Packages will ship in approx. 14 days and you will receive confirmation when they ship.



If you are having any questions, please contact us at deadsiesfc@thedeaddaisies.com.
DekiFan Club

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