Whilst on the Kiss Krusie back in October, Deeno sat down with Marko Syrjala from The result is an in-depth chat the spans Deen’s entire career from Wild Dogs and his start in Bad English, to Journey and working with Ozzy Osbourne plus, of course, what led him right here with us at The Dead Deasies. It is truly an amazing read and a cause for us to celebrate our incredible friend Mr. Deen Castronovo so we pulled some of our favourite quotes, and compiled some of the best snaps of Deen through the years and now.

On Meeting Neil Schon for the first time…
“While rehearsing with Tony MacAlpine, in walks Neil Schon to the rehearsal place. So, I’m like “it’s Neil Schon” I’m freaking out. So, he grabs a guitar, and he and Tony start just ripping and ripping, and Neil starts playing all these riffs “play along with me” so, I started playing all this stuff with him. Maybe a half an hour worth of jam. And then he goes “Hey, you know the Journey songs?” I’m like “dude. I know them all” because I grew up with Journey. So, we started playing Journey songs, and he was like “man that’s great, that’s great” He walks out, and I’m freaking out. I’m like “I just jammed with Neil Schon”

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Fast forward to the success of the first Bad English album in 1989 Deen recalls;
“…I remember getting my first gold record, calling my parents in tears, saying, “Mom and Dad, it happened. I’ve got a gold record in my hands. I am freaking out.”

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And of course, the part that is most dear to us, Deen’s joining The Dead Daisies;
“I had just finished the Revolution Saints record, the second one, and it was in October, and I get a text from Doug. He says, “Hey bro. Are you available?” And I’m like, “Well, yeah. For what?” He said, “Well, Brian just left the Daisies.”

“We’ve slugged it out, and we’re out, and we’re in the trenches like all the other bands that are trying to build it up. We didn’t take the easy way, and we could have, sure we could have, but we didn’t.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would Deen. We’re so thankful for his dedication to us and to you, all our amazing friends.

To read the interview in full, something we definitely recommend, click here!

Dont forget, Deen is going live on Twitter this Sunday 9 Dec at 7:30PM CEST.
You can get involved in the conversation and ask questions using #TALKTODEEN we’ll collect questions ahead of time so all you have to do is tune in on Sunday to hear from the man himself.


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