Dead & Gone Swamp Video kicks butt across the US

Some exciting news in today, that we have to share this with you. As you know we recently released a great new version of “Dead and Gone (Swamp Version)” as a single and music video. Now, we can reveal it is being played on sixteen video programs across the US from LA to New York. These include video on-demand RX Music NY!, multi-market Multiplicity, LATV, H2O TV!, California Music Channel, Video Hits (Urban Mix), Music City Arts-Nashville and just as their name implies, internet based who only look for and play the most quality music on the web! added Dead And Gone for the month of March and after being reviewed by musicians and former artists debuted the clip. We are still rocking the airwaves!

The momentum continues and if you haven’t watched it yet, you can view here too:

DekiDead & Gone Swamp Video kicks butt across the US

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