The Dead Daisies Taking Over The Airwaves Across Europe & The UK

The Dead Daisies are taking over the airwaves across Europe and the UK with their latest single, ‘Can’t Take It With You’ receiving immediate uptake. The song is really catching fire, blasting out across Rock stations everywhere from the UK to the Czech Republic. Both FM and digital stations have added the track to playlists in the first week of release with around 70 stations furiously spinning the track in rotation just in time for the band arriving for their ‘Winterland’ Tour.

This single has really picked up some serious traction this week with radio adds in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and the US! ‘Can’t Take It With You’ is a song about enjoying everything you can in life, because you can’t take it with you, and radio stations are taking the song direct to their listeners!

Get onto our shows page to get all the info on all of The Dead Daisies’ upcoming Winterland shows and don’t forget the very special Daisyland acoustic performances before every show.


DekiThe Dead Daisies Taking Over The Airwaves Across Europe & The UK

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