The morning was filled with blue skies and sunshine once more, which is always an inspiring way to start any day. After breakfast the band followed photographer Fiaz around the chateau and into the garden for the first set of official band photos….

Once the promotional poses were sorted it was down to business once more. As with every day on these sessions, total concentration lay ahead as Doug, Deen, David and Glenn headed back into the creative process.

Deen has been worked hard throughout these sessions by Ben Grosse to complete a series of drum tracks that are big and loud! Rolling thunder, pouring rain, coming down like a hurricane as the famous opening line in ‘Hells Bells’ states is a good description of how Deen has approached the drumming on these new tracks.

With Glenn now stitched into the fabric of The Dead Daisies new sound, today would start to paint a more detailed picture of each song as he started to put down the guide vocals. The guitars, bass and drum parts stand alone like a strong beating heart. The addition of the vocal breathed life into the foundation of these tracks.

The day was rounded off once more with a hearty French meal prepared by Doug and Glen, La Fabriques amazing chefs. Roasted lamb and a dessert of Key-Lime pie that was absolutely mouth-watering finished off what was another wonderful day.

As the evenings are becoming longer, darker and colder it’s sends a shiver down your spine. This energy is translating into the album and will be capable of doing the same to you when it hits the streets in 2020.


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