Settling in to the beautiful surroundings of La Fabrique, the band are now in the creative space to make magic happen. With the sun bursting through the windows in the morning and walks in the beautiful French countryside, inspiration is starting to flow.

Today was filled with jamming sessions and some intense creative writing, sparking new ideas including a great new riff from Glenn and taking songs to a more finished level. The first track everyone has heard from Glenn, David, Doug and Deen playing together ‘Righteous Days’ was worked on along with producer Ben Gross to give it a new skin for future release.

To get the best results, you have to give yourself a break to chill out and refresh the batteries and La Fabrique is the perfect place for both shutting the world out to relax while still creating the place to let your musical ideas run wild. With a dinner of salmon and pears followed by Deen taking his turn to wash the dishes, yes, even rock stars have to do the chores, it was time to return to the music.

The drums create the spine of the songs, so Deen is first up in the recording booth to lay down some hard hitting grooves. Getting the perfect drum sound is imperative to the whole record, and between Deen and Ben they are cooking up a wicked hard sonic sound that will make this new record explode out of your speakers!

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