After a full-on few days pulling together some mind-blowing music, Glenn, David, Doug and Deen sat down for breakfast to discuss the final day of recording over freshly baked croissants.

During an exhausting work out over the last ten days, Deen has worked tirelessly to pull together a collection of drum tracks. They are loud, solid and it’s like an earthquake shaking the room when played at the kind of volume it deserves.

Guide vocals are bedded down to show the way for the final lead and backing vocal performances which are yet to be added. The guitar assault of Doug and David have started to form a structure around the new songs while Glenn’s bass pulsates and flows in between the bass drum. There is no doubting the power and strength in this forthcoming piece of work.

A last walk around the gardens to take in the beautiful surroundings, the band sat down to the last supper. The food has been out of this world and an unexpected delight on these recording sessions, however, the guys need to work it all off in the coming weeks!

As the band head off on their different directions, they all have their own projects to continue or work on before returning soon. Glenn will head to the UK where be begins a two week tour, while the others return to the States and Ben Grosse will continue to craft the tracks.

It’s a wrap for the first part of the journey. Stay tuned for part two in December.


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