The David & George Story

This photo was taken back in 1983 when David visited George at his home in Hana on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Here’s a great story on how they met:

“My father had met George a few years earlier on Hamilton Island Australia, where George also had a home. They became friends by chance when my Dad and two friends were on Hamilton Island for a holiday and were looking for a fourth to have a doubles game of tennis. Dad tells the story that, this guy walked by the court and he asked him if he wanted to join the three of them for a doubles game, he said sure and just introduced himself as George. He had an English accent but my Father had no idea he was George Harrison…. A few hours after the game they were all having a drink, my mother joined them and she recognised it was “George“, she whispered it to my Dad but, he didn’t believe it and it wasn’t until someone else in the bar walked over and asked for an autograph…

George was an incredibly down to earth guy and we became family friends after that. George would come over to our house for dinner when he was in Australia, which was typically around Grand Prix time.” – David Lowy

DekiThe David & George Story

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