In a time that is LIKE NO OTHER, The Dead Daisies have composed and recorded a song that every music fan can relate to. As we all wait for things to get back to some sort of ‘normal’, The Dead Daisies have worked hard to ensure new music, videos and a mobile video game have enthused and tantalized everyone in between touring.

A new, powerful and thunderous drum track has been added to the original mix of LIKE NO OTHER by returning drummer Tommy Clufetos who firmly adds his stamp to the song. This is a song designed to leave its mark, giving out a strong message in these times that are LIKE NO OTHER.

The new MUSIC VIDEO for ‘LIKE NO OTHER’ is created in Unreal Engine featuring Daisy from the chart-topping music video ‘Bustle and Flow’. This hi-tech animated short film set in the future see’s Daisy find her way through a crack in time from the supernatural world she controls.

DAISYS REVENGE, the new MOBILE GAME, is a free to play game and a world-first for the rock music industry. As you immerse yourself into Daisys character you battle your way through supernatural and futuristic landscapes, defending yourself against deadly ravens!

The Dead Daisies, have created a listening, visual and interactive world that sets them apart from anyone else in todays’ rock music scene. So, enjoy the experience, immerse all your senses into the sound, sight and touch of LIKE NO OTHER!

DekiDaisys Revenge