As you know we’ve been busily writing and recording in LA with our esteemed producer Ben Grosse for the first part of this year.

Now, we’re ecstatic to bring the heat with our new single ‘Radiance’,  leading into a massive summer in Europe.

‘Radiance’ has a thunderous opening, it really sets the pace on this eclectic heavy rock piece.  You’ll dig the riff with its deep 70’s vibe, born in the industrious heartland of England.  Glenn’s power house vocal, towers above the musical storm of the duelling guitars of Doug and David and the earthshaking drums of Brian Tichy.  This is going to rock LIVE!

“‘Radiance’ was the first song we wrote for the album and wanted to address a universal awakening with the lyrical content.  Musically it’s heavy on groove and movement.” – Glenn Hughes

On June 2nd, the day before our first show with Foreigner in Hamburg, we took you into the metaverse …

Our first meta cinematic for ‘Radiance’ will transport you into a parallel universe with the Daisies’ digital offspring, The Meta Daisies.  Accompanying them in this new dimension is their guardian Daisy at the helm.  ‘Radiance’ will give you a taste of what’s to come in the Daisyland Metaverse.

Strap yourself in for a rockin’ ride live and, to infinity and beyond!

Stay tuned, we will reveal this brand new, innovative project on June 2nd. An introduction to the world’s first metaverse rock band awaits – keep your eyes peeled!

DekiThe Daisies – Radiance