The Daisies finish their KISS tour in New Zealand


As the curtain finally came down on this latest tour, it was Auckland that had the honour to close things off. A set filled with energy kicking off with usual starter ‘Midnight Moses’ to get things going and interspersed with Daisies favourites like ‘Mexico’ and ‘Helter Skelter’, it didn’t take long for New Zealand to open its arms for The Dead Daisies in its latest form fronted by John Corabi. This tour once again has proved what a dynamic unit the band can be and how like a chameleon it can change its appearance to adapt any given situation, having pulled in Dave Leslie last minute to replace Richard fortus in a very short and time. Next up is the KISS Kruise and a return to the fold for Richard.



DekiThe Daisies finish their KISS tour in New Zealand