The Daisies feature in Issue 11 of Beneath The Skin® by Vagabond Co.


Check out our spread in Issue 11 of Beneath The Skin® by Vagabond Co. here!


Taken from Vagabond Co.

VGC’ers – If you are a Black Sabbath fan then you are going to love Issue 11 of Beneath The Skin® cause we had the pleasure of having the wonderful Mr Tony Martin in the house spending some time with us.

Yes folks Mr Headless Cross is in the house – and what a great guy, great story he had to share with us. Check it out!!

If you think that’s good – well let’s keep the music rolling cause we have also the amazing Mr Todd Kerns dropping in for a chat.

Also known as Mr “Dammit” – he also just happens to be Bass Player of the year and just so happens to play in little band called Slash – Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. There is so much more to Todd than you know….check it out!!

Throw on top crazy Tattoo Artwork/Surfing and more music from the likes of:

Thomas Carli-Jarlier
Maxime Huscenot
Rob Kelly
James Newson
Samoan Mike
Kurt Gardiner
Shanghai Kate

…and we have one thumping issue again.

So what are you waiting for – head on over to our website and get cracking.



DekiThe Daisies feature in Issue 11 of Beneath The Skin® by Vagabond Co.

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