As The Dead Daisies make their way across Europe and the UK on this tour there is a sense that the hard work of previous years is starting to make an impact. Just over six months ago the band played tonight’s venue The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton and made a great impression. Tonight the show is sold out and has been for over a month. All this is happening even before the release of new album ‘Make Some Noise’ in August.

With all this in mind, you could sense the anticipation of the packed crowd waiting impatiently for the band to appear as well as feel the heat. With the humid days of UK summer mixed with hundreds of rock fans squeezed into the venue, the sweat was practically running down the walls.

As the Led Zep/Sabbath mix tape blasted out through the PA, the Slade Rooms erupted! ‘Midnight Moses’ blasted from the stage and the venue came to life!

John Corabi enjoys the deserved adulation that nights like these bring to the band, and it’s easy to see as he controls the audience whether its getting them to sing a song or clap along.

The band are here to promote the new album, and there is plenty on offer to convince the crowd they should break into their savings and purchase the new opus on 5th August. With striking riffs akin to some of classic Aerosmith, new guitarist Doug Aldrich shows on-stage why he is thought so highly of by his peers in the rock world. He shreds, finger-taps and riffs like his life depends on it, and the Wolves crowd appreciate it immensely.

With some classic rock thrown in to accent their own brilliant collection of numbers, songs like ‘Alright Now’ by Free, ‘Helter Skelter’ by the Beatles add to the original spin the band put on numbers like Creedance Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’ from the new album.

After a boiling hot performance that finishes with new track ‘All the Same’ and Deep Purple classic ‘Hush’, the band take their final bow before meeting a hugely appreciative crowd to sign autographs and pose for pictures. We are starting to see a number of familiar faces who have been following the band across the UK and Europe, our very own Dead Daisies Army!

Another great night, another great memory created by a great bunch of fans with much more to come, thank you Slade Rooms.


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