We Are In The Bustle and Flow


Today sees the release of our latest single ‘Bustle and Flow’. Kicking off with an attacking riff orchestrated by Doug Aldrich, it has one foot stretched back to a musical heritage that is very present in the current sound of The Dead Daisies. With Glenn Hughes and his legendary voice very much part of the ‘new’ sound of the band, Doug emphasises this by bringing the power to this towering strength of a song. The heavy hitting pulse of Deen Castronovo gives the song its beating heart as Glenn Hughes’ vocals injects the soul. The twin guitar attack of David Lowy and Aldrich give the song its drive and thunder, while the lyrics hint at the place where the song was born, ‘In the white chateau in the bustle and flow’, a reference to La Fabrique Studios in the south of France where the band recorded the ‘Holy Ground’ album. Make sure you tune in on October 1st for the premiere of a unique and spellbinding animated experience to accompany the song.


After the global success of their first single, The Dead Daisies have been chomping at the bit to release ‘Bustle and Flow’, the next track from their upcoming album ‘Holy Ground’.

“Filled with energy and vigor, ‘Bustle and Flow’ emerged as one of the last tracks to make the cut. It builds and builds and has great movement. It’s about walking through the fear,” says Glenn Hughes.

In a time surrounded with so much uncertainty, this track imparts a spirit and zest that should get you on your front foot, challenge your fears and back onto life’s battlefield …

David Lowy has this to say about the song: “I love the timing of the riff. It’s unusual and unexpected, kinda like a surprise. The chorus is a classic mix of Aussie rock (me), UK rock (Glenn) and US rock (Doug/Deen). It’s unmistakably borne out of the DNA of The Dead Daisies, pure badass rock.”

A bespoke spellbinding animation, built in Unreal Engine for ‘Bustle and Flow’ has been created by Creative Works London, (live concert graphic artists for Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, amongst others). It takes you on a journey through an animated ominous carnival, set against the backdrop of church ruins with a raven that’s sure to send a tingle up your spine.

The Animated Music Experience (A.M.E) will premiere on Thursday October 1st with louder.com – UK 5PM BST, classicrock.net EU 6PM CEST and ultimateclassicrock.com US 12PM midday EST.

LISTEN to ‘Bustle and Flow’ and watch the video trailer: https://www.thedeaddaisies.com/bustleandflow

‘Holy Ground’ is the first collaboration, for Glenn, Doug, Deen and David, recorded at La Fabrique Studios in the South of France with producer Ben Grosse. Glenn’s lyrics ‘In the white chateau in the bustle and flow’, pays homage to the historic studios. The album ‘Holy Ground’ will be released January 22, 2021.

An initiative around Record Store Day in the US will see a limited edition 12” LP Vinyl available in stores on October 30th. For those of you not in the US, stay tuned for more details.

Eager to get on the road again, the Daisies are heading to Europe in February & March 2021 to kick off their Get Out Of The House Tour, followed by a series of dates across the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Arenas with Foreigner, Judas Priest and the prestigious European summer festivals.

Rock is Indeed Alive & Well !!!

Vocals/Bass: Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion)
Guitar: Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio)
Guitar: David Lowy (Mink, Red Phoenix)
Drums/Vocals: Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English, Hardline)

DekiWe Are In The Bustle and Flow

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