We headed north from Madrid to Barcelona after an amazing night in the Spanish capital.

Barcelona is a great city to visit, and we have been lucky to be here a few times including at the Barcelona Rocks Festival with KISS earlier in the year.

The city is much the same as Madrid in that the audience are loud and passionate. Even in the DaisyLand part of the show they were very enthusiastic. Davids song ‘Get a Haircut’ went down well with the strong turnout.

As the lights went down in the evening for us to take the stage to the ringing chords of ‘Midnight Moses’ the now sell out audience went crazy as we blasted into the set. Everyone in the place joined in for the singing of ‘Join Together’ and by the end of the night, the club was heating up like a furnace. It was one hot and rocking night, thank you Barcelona!

Additional photographs courtesy of “Manuel Morenas“.


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